Frequently asked questions

Raleigh Volt Electric Bicycle
1. How far can you ride on full battery charge?

There are various factors that can affect the range.

  • Weight of the rider
  • Nature of the terrain e.g. uphill and downhills
  • Speed, average speed and changes in speed
  • Traffic flow e.g. stop and starts
  • Wind direction and wind speed
  • Management of the pedal assist modes for level 1 -5
  • The average range should be between 50 – 60KM
2. Does the battery charge with riding?

The battery does not charge with riding ,  the battery needs to be charged using the battery charger supplied with the bicycle.

3. How long does the battery take to charge?

A full charge to the battery will take 6 hours it is recommended to discharge the  battery fully before recharging.

4. How much charge does the new battery come with?

The battery comes with a 40% charge. Discharge and charge the battery fully twice to reach an optimum range.

5. How fast can you ride?

The Raleigh Volt is capped at 30km/h speed limit.

6. How do you charge the Battery?

The charging point is underneath the frame at the bottom of the down tube.

7. How do you remove the battery?

The battery is inside the down tube. There is a cap underneath the frame which can be unscrewed and removed. Remove the wiring and controller and pull out the battery using the blue pull tag. Do not pull the battery out using the wires.

8. Can the bike be ridden in wet weather?

The bicycle is designed to be completely waterproof. Nevertheless, do not expose the products intentionally to water. Do not wash with the bike with high pressure washers, ensure that the charging plug has its cap on before washing the bike.

9. How many settings are there?

The bicycle has five setting to the pedal assist, from  level 1 being a very minimal assistance to level 5 for  maximum assistance.